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Client Praises

Here are what some of my clients, past and present, have to say about my services:

"I am an 81 year-old man in pretty good physical shape. One of the main reasons for this is the regular treatments that I have received from Dan Gilbert for the past ten years. It is his concern and directed treatment to address my 'aches and pains' that has always improved my situation. Dan certainly has intimate knowledge of every muscle in the body, its function, and its effects on connecting elements. But Dan's strong point is his genuine desire to understand your problem and make sure that he addresses it in a caring way."
Harold Weinberger, San Diego 

"I went thru the Rolf series with Dan last year and had impressive results. My posture improved and the pain in my feet, lower back and shoulders disappeared. Dan was very professional and effective during the treatments. He explained all of his techniques and the reasons why they were done in that order. He was also flexible enough to go back and address certain issues that arose in the middle of our work thru the series. I was very satisfied with Dan's work and would highly recommend him to anyone suffering with chronic pain from old sports injuries or years of poor posture."
Laura Tucker, Orange County

"My husband has been seeing Dan for nearly 20 years in helping him with his back. I have known Dan for almost as long, and have been having regular sessions twice per month for over ten years. I have always told Dan that he keeps me upright. He has helped me many years ago with an ankle sprain, and more recently with hip pain, and then lately has helped immensely in improving the health of my shoulder. My husband and I are truly grateful for Dan's continued dedication to our health."
Mary Peshel, San Diego

"Just finished my 1st session, and it was amazing and eye-opening experience. Daniel is not only a natural healer; he also very intuitive, which was helpful when addressing some of my problem areas. Not only was he able to relieve the tension that I carry in my neck and shoulders, he was also excellent at communicating the Rolfing process, what to expect, how all the areas of body are connected, and how one muscle affects another."
Lisa Boyle, Encinitas 

"My Rolfing session with Daniel was powerful!!! He was able to get to releases of the muscles along both legs, tremendously reducing the chronic pain in my left knee. If you can breathe into it, you can move to new levels of living because the process brings your body into flow and out of resistance."
Colleen Turner, Ph.D., Encinitas

"Had my first session with Daniel and first session of Rolfing ever today. I've been searching for something like this for 8 years and hope this helps me get where I want to go. Very impressed with Daniel's approach and technique."
PJ Barrett, Portland